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File a Class Action Against Your Employer as a Group

A single employee may lack the time and resources to file a lawsuit against a large company. However, when there are other employees who have suffered the same harm, they can file a class action lawsuit. We have represented clients in individual and class action lawsuits in southern California for a wide range of employment law issues.

  • Wage compensation
  • Denial of overtime
  • Meal and rest breaks
  • Illegal taking of employee tips
  • Disability-related class actions
  • FMLA and CFRA

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Ready to Go Up Against the Biggest & Best?

While it can be easy for giant companies to silence a single employee, it is much more difficult to stop an entire group fighting together in a class-action lawsuit. The claims of each worker strengthen the claims of other workers and help the lawyer build a credible case. Our class action lawyers in southern California have years of combined experience in employment law and a reputation for fighting for the little guy. We offer free consultations, so it costs you nothing to learn if you have a case.


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Working Together to Make Your Voices Heard

The average person would find it nearly impossible to go up against a big California company with a team of lawyers working on its behalf. A class action lawsuit enables people who have suffered similar harm by a large company to band together to file a lawsuit. The attorneys at Southern California, Employment Law Group PC, represent clients in class action lawsuits in Southern California against California employers.

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We are committed to standing up for the rights of all workers, whether blue or white-collar, and we are ready to put our extensive resources to work for you to help you get the compensation and justice you deserve if you have been wronged on the job. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Sexual Harassment

Harassment on the basis of a person's refusal to engage in sexual activity can take many forms, ranging from unwanted sexual advances to the denial of employment opportunities.

Whistleblower Retaliation

Whistleblowers are employees who report the unlawful actions of their employer to the proper authorities. Whistleblowers are legally protected from employer retaliation..


Were you illegally discriminated against at work based on your age, race, religion, or gender? Were you denied a promotion or fired based on these factors?

(FMLA) & Disability

We assist workers who have been mistreated because of their disabilities or denied leave under the FMLA. Meet with our attorneys today if you need help..

Wrongful Termination

We hold employers accountable who fire employees for illegitimate and illegal reasons. Contact us whether your employer created a hostile work environment or fired you..