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What Employees Should Know About Pregnancy Discrimination from Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer?

Employees Legal Advice from a Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer. | Socal Labot Law

Pregnant women have experienced discrimination and unjustified harassment from their employment. Therefore, In California, The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 revised Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and declared pregnant women a protected class. Additionally, pregnant workers in California are also supported by federal and state laws to stand up for their legal rights and gain the liberties to which they are lawfully entitled. Regardless of these rigorous regulations, pregnancy discrimination in the workplace continues throughout the United States. If you are a California worker expecting a child promptly, you must learn about your pregnancy rights in California. Socal Employment’s pregnancy discrimination lawyers are here to assist you. These rights encompass both employees who are hoping to conceive and those who have recently lost a pregnancy.

The three signs of pregnancy discrimination in California:

  1. Unequal pay and denial of promotion.
  2. Demeaning comments, exclusion, and pressure to quit.
  3. Harassment, retaliation, denial of accommodations.

Know the rights that are specifically defined for pregnant workers in California?

Since 1978, pregnancy discrimination has been outlawed in every state in the nation. Yet the Federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act provides far more legal rights and safeguards for pregnant workers. Adhering to the guidelines of the Act, whether a firm employs a single worker is also liable for engaging in discriminatory behaviour against that employee based on their pregnancy under sections 12940(j) and 11036.

Furthermore, the protections offered by the act are not limited to pregnant women indeed these protections also involve the following:

  • Pregnancy Disability Leave
    The California Pregnancy Disability Act provides pregnant workers with a maximum of four months of unpaid absence. This policy applies to any medical conditions that an employee may face while pregnant, including sickness during pregnancy and postpartum after giving birth.
  • Fair Accommodation
    Employers are required by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) to make reasonable accommodations for female employees who are pregnant and unable to perform certain jobs.
  • Equitable Workplace Standards
    The California Fair Employment Standards Act (FLSA) requires firms to make and offer reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers so that they can pump breast milk after giving birth. Retaliating against employees or underpaying them as a result of these concessions is likewise prohibited.

Reach Socal Employment’s pregnancy discrimination lawyer today to know and prevent your pregnancy rights in California.

When an employee has to prioritize their own and their child’s health, they may experience additional stress and hardship due to discrimination at work or retribution for taking a leave of absence. A skilled pregnancy discrimination lawyer can ease your anxiety and assist you in pursuing legal action against your employer. its company is committed to defending its customers’ rights and obtaining the appropriate compensation. Contact the knowledgeable pregnancy discrimination lawyers at Socal Employment right now for a free consultation if you have experienced discrimination or retaliation at work because of your pregnancy or delivery.


California guarantees ample protections for expecting workers as well as redress to workers who have been subjected to workplace discrimination. At Socal Employment, we possess the expertise required to defend the needed workers in front of the state judiciary to help them get their legal rights. If you believe your employer has been abusing you unfairly as a result of your pregnancy, tell us directly. Our pregnancy discrimination lawyers will stand up for pregnant employees’ rights and ensure that you receive fair compensation. Contact us at (424) 688-1057.

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