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What steps should be taken before filing an EEOC case from an EEOC Lawyer in California?

Steps to know from an EEOC Lawyer before filing an EEOC case. | Socal Employment Law

With just a little mistake you can lose your claim forever that you are about to win for any sort of discrimination lawsuit in California under EEOC. This specifies that filing and battling a claim lawsuit under The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) is not easy. It is, therefore, essential to realize that the EEOC procedure might be drawn out and complicated as a result. 

Victims of harassment in California have 180 or 300 days in total to properly file a discrimination complaint with the EEOC before filing a lawsuit under Title VII of the Civil Rights Conduct of 1964. Until the EEOC issues a Right-to-Sue Letter, the employee is not authorized to sue the firm for any sort of harassment or discrimination. Moreover, be sure to speak with Socal Employment’s EEOC lawyer to strategically file an EEOC complaint by adhering to the EEOC standards.

Be ready with the following before filling an EEOC complaint:

  1. Gain a solid understanding of unfair treatment:
    Acknowledge that while the employer’s actions can be obviously unfair, they are not illegal. Not every unfavorable incident that occurs at work is against EEOC policies or legislation. You can feel bad about what the company and/or your boss have done. Although it might not have been illegal, you feel as though you have been wronged, and that concerns you. Although it might not have been illegal—just a terrible unjust action—you feel as if you have been mistreated, and it worries you. 
  1. Must study these six EEOC laws:
  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (CRA) 
  • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act 
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) 
  • Sections 501 and 505 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 
  • Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) 
  • Sections 102 and 103 of the Civil Rights Act of 1991 
  1. Collect Solid Evidence
    Having solid evidence is essential to winning an employment discrimination lawsuit. Witness accounts, supporting paperwork, and any other pertinent data can be included in this proof. To provide a convincing case, get as much evidence as possible.
  1. Record Everything in Well-Maintained Documents
    Every communication with the employer should be properly documented, including the dates, times, and issues covered. The case may utilize these documents as proof. 
  1. Speak with an EEOC Attorney
    Instances of workplace discrimination might be difficult to resolve in California without implementing law enforcement. Thus, you must consult with an experienced lawyer who can provide legal advice and support throughout the process.

Know the actual process for “how to file a claim with the EEOC” from Socal Employment’s EEOC lawyers to ensure you win.

The first step in ensuring a good claim with the EEOC is to speak with Socal Employment’s EEOC lawyers who specialize in employment law. We’ll walk you through every step of the procedure, which includes reporting to HR about the occurrence and getting legal counsel on EEOC regulations. Understanding filing dates and your rights under CA employee rights statutes is essential for timely filing. Not only can we assist you in understanding the advantages of mediation, but along with our legal representation, we can also get you ready to testify or disclose your case in state court, should the necessity arise. The likelihood of a successful case resolution is ultimately increased by being aware of the EEOC process and adhering to it strictly.


Strategic action and legal knowledge are necessary for successfully navigating the EEOC procedure. It is ensured that rights and duties under EEOC rules are properly understood by consulting EEOC lawyers or attorneys. It’s critical to file documents on time, preserve evidence, and provide complete documentation. People can improve their case by getting legal counsel, drafting a formal complaint, and being aware of filing deadlines. Talk to the attorneys at Socal Employment to grasp more on the subject. Call for more about EEOC at (424) 688-1057.

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