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How am I protected from disability discrimination in the workplace?

Know your legal rights for Disability Discrimination in the Workplace. | Socal Employment Law

Additionally, to know and utilize their worker’s rights in California they must have an understanding of what is disability discrimination in the workplace. Well, disability discrimination in California involves unfair treatment of employees based on their disabilities, violating the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) along with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are actively taking the appropriate action against each Discrimination Complaint they receive still a huge crowd of workers in the state are unaware of their Workplace Rights, Disability Rights and the Legal Actions they can take when facing disability or employment discrimination in the Workplace. If you count yourself in that crowd and are curious to know how you are protected from disability discrimination in the workplace then must schedule a consultation session with the disability discrimination attorney at Socal Employment and before that do not forget to report the incident to the human resources department for your firm in a written format.

An explanation of your legal rights regarding disability discrimination at work.

The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) along with the Civil Rights Department in the state protects workers from disability discrimination in the workplace for state employees under Section 12940. For firms with five or more employees, this regulation requires equitable employment opportunities and forbids discrimination based on physical or mental hardship.

Under the FEHA, employees are entitled to reasonable accommodations for their impairment, provided the employer is not unduly burdened. The work environment or job criteria may need to be changed as part of these modifications. Employers must communicate with workers promptly and sincerely to determine what improvements are necessary.

Employees who file a discrimination complaint or seek accommodations are also shielded from retribution. An employee may report suspected handicap discrimination to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) by filing a complaint. Workers also have the right to work in an atmosphere that doesn’t make their condition worse and to be free from harassment because of their impairment. Employees may take additional legal action with the aid of a disability discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles if the matter is not settled through the DFEH.

The strategies employed by Socal Employment’s disability discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles to help you get disability accommodations.

To get their clients handicap accommodations, the attorneys at Socal Employment use a holistic strategy. They start by directly negotiating with employers after carefully evaluating each client’s needs. We ensure the ADA and FEHA are followed, submit the required complaints, and offer strong legal counsel. Disability Discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles perform duties on the workflow as explained below;

  1. Facilitate conflict resolution between employees and employers
  2. Record disability-related matters
  3. Inform clients of their rights
  4. Create customized accommodation plans
  5. Promote equitable workplace policies


The skilled employment law attorney at Socal Employment can assist if you require assistance securing reasonable accommodations or if you are handling a substantial case of disability discrimination at work in California. Protecting your legal rights and making sure the law treats you fairly are the top priorities for our team of knowledgeable attorneys. Get in touch with us right now at (424) 688-1057 to schedule a consultation and begin the process of obtaining the accommodations and justice you are due.

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