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Are You Getting Paid Properly? If not Then hire our wage and hour attorney in Los Angeles.

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Employers in California are obliged to abide by applicable federal laws as well as the California Employment Code 558. Businesses that disregard these regulations risk facing a wage lawsuit in court. These statutes, in conjunction with California labor regulations, have made it possible for employees to file a lawsuit against their employer or any business that fails to compensate them fairly for normal working hours and unpaid overtime by employment law in Los Angeles.  The regulations about wages and hours in California are quite intricate and can lead to a variety of issues, many of which are unintentional. Even inadvertent infringements of these regulations may expose your business to expensive labor and pay conflicts. 

The wage and hour attorney at Socal Employment is ready to offer advice and customized suggestions to ensure that your company complies with all applicable local, state, and the Fair Employment Standards Act of 1938. About worker classifications, paid time off, overtime, commission programs, lunch and rest breaks, and the plethora of other personnel-related concerns that confront firms daily, we offer individualized guidance.

The most common and regular wage and hour disputes in California include:

  • Not Paying the Minimum Wage
  • Not Making the Overdue Payment
  • Not Providing Breaks for Meals and Rest
  • Not Paying for Earned Vacation Time
  • Inability to Reimburse Expenses

Take a detailed grasp on the role of an employment attorney in Los Angeles in wage and hour claims:

  1. Legal Interaction: To determine if a claim is legitimate, to clarify rights, and to suggest possible courses of action, wage and hour attorneys in Los Angeles offer free first consultations.
  2. Case Evaluation: They carefully examine every aspect of the case, obtaining information, examining records, and deciding which course of action to take in the legal system.
  3. Settlement and Negotiation: When possible, attorneys try to settle cases out of court by negotiating reasonable settlements for wage and hour claims in California with employers or their legal representatives.
  4. Confrontation: Attorneys defend clients in court, providing arguments and supporting documentation, when discussions break down or when litigation is required.
  5. Assistance on Legal Regulation: In addition to helping to settle ongoing conflicts, wage and hour attorneys in Los Angeles may provide advice on how to comply with wage and hour rules going ahead, which can help avert problems down the road. 

Wondering how the California wage and hour laws offer benefits to the employees? Talk to us at Socal Employment.

California’s wage and hour regulations provide several advantages to workers while guaranteeing equitable treatment and pay. The minimum wage, overtime compensation, food and rest breaks, and prompt wage payments are all governed by these rules. Employment laws likewise protect employees who claim their rights from discrimination, pay theft and retribution. Employees can seek remedies, including back pay, fines for infractions, and legal expenses, using enforcement of these laws. At Socal Employment, we’re experts at standing up for workers in wage and hour disputes. Our wage-and-hour lawyer offers knowledgeable counsel and representation to make sure workers’ rights are respected under California labor laws.


To safeguard your rights and guarantee fair treatment, you must have legal counsel if you’re involved in wage and hour issues in California. The Socal Employment’s Law wage and hour attorneys in Los Angeles are available to offer knowledgeable counsel and assistance, standing up for your rights at every turn. Connect with us at (424) 688-1057 if you need personalized legal assistance and let our expert lawyers help you work through the complexities of California’s wage and hour laws and resolve your issue by suggesting tailored solutions that may increase the chances of your win.

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