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How Far Back Does California Allow You to File a Claim for Unpaid Wages?

How Far Back Does California Allow You to File a Claim for Unpaid Wages | Socal Employment Law

Unpaid wages are significantly more than simply missed paychecks; they signify the promise of equitable remuneration for a worker’s hard labor that has gone unmet. For Californian workers to get paid fairly for their significant contributions, they must file unpaid wage claims to recover what is legally theirs. California’s average settlement for unpaid wages depends on hourly based or a minimum of $15.50. Therefore, understanding the complexities of unpaid wages is crucial in the ever-changing employment landscape of California. A worker in the state needs legal counsel from an experienced attorney because it’s difficult for them to bring a lawsuit for unpaid pay. At Socal Employment, we are a committed team of legal professionals who are always here to stand by your side to help you obtain a fair compensation settlement that is defined under federal law.

When and How Far do you file a claim for unpaid wages?

California employees possess a three-year window from the due date of wages to file an unpaid wages case, as stipulated by California Employment Code Section 203. If an employer neglects wage payment upon termination, the affected employee may qualify for waiting time penalties. Acting promptly and initiating a labor complaint by getting assistance from a wage and hour attorney in Los Angeles within this timeframe is critical. This secures the best feasible execution of the law, increasing the justification of workers’ rights and simplifying the prompt quest for justice when unpaid wages arise.

The benefits a worker can receive for filing a claim for unpaid wages:

  • Financial Recovery: Take steps to regain your lawfully earned salary and guarantee that financial recompense is granted as soon as possible.
  • Monetary Penalties: Noncompliant companies face fines, emphasizing the necessity of following wage standards and employing equitable remuneration methods.
  • Tax Accumulation: Unpaid salaries may collect interest over time, stressing the importance of addressing payment difficulties as soon as possible to minimize financial losses.
  • Legal Protections: Filing a claim provides legal safeguards, insulating you from any workplace retribution and ensuring your rights are protected.
  • Justice: Seek justice for your efforts by submitting a claim, obtaining fair remuneration, and holding employers accountable for wage commitments.

The pros and cons of signing an unpaid wages settlement agreement.


  • Instant Solution: Resolve issues quickly without the delays and difficulties that come with lengthy legal actions.
  • Reliability: Gain clarity on the precise amount of compensation, ensuring transparency and decreasing uncertainty in the settlement process.
  • Minimizing Stress: Reduce emotional strain by settling for a settlement, avoiding the mental toll of a protracted court struggle.


  • Reduced Compensation: Settlement amounts might be less than potential court awards, impacting the overall financial recovery for the claimant.
  • Limited Legal Recourse: Opting for a settlement may restrict the ability to pursue additional legal actions, limiting future remedies.
  • Confidentiality Constraints: Agreements may include non-disclosure clauses, limiting the claimant’s ability to discuss or disclose settlement details publicly.

How the Socal Employment’s legal team put the viewpoint in the settlement conference on your behalf for unpaid wages.

In settlement conferences, Socal Employment’s dedicated legal team strategically advocates for you, presenting a comprehensive viewpoint. Leveraging an in-depth understanding of labor laws and your working hours, we construct a compelling case. Skilled wage and hour attorneys in Los Angeles aim for the maximum compensation for unpaid wages while safeguarding your rights and ensuring a fair resolution. Trust our expertise to navigate the complexities, securing the justice you deserve in the pursuit of fair compensation for your hard work.


Timing is paramount in the quest for justice regarding unpaid wages. Act promptly to assert what you’ve rightfully earned. The expert legal team at Socal Employment is ready to negotiate the complexities, ensuring that your case is not only heard but also that justice is delivered carefully. Unpaid salaries should not be ignored; it is time to take a position. File a claim and allow our lawyers to assist you in obtaining the financial aid you deserve. Your rights are essential and wage and hour attorneys in Los Angeles are dedicated to safeguarding them with zeal and legal intelligence.  Call expert lawyers at Socal Employment at (424) 688-1057.

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