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Myths And Facts About Workplace Marital Status Discrimination

_Myths And Facts About Workplace Marital Status Discrimination | Employment Lawyer

The notion of “marital status,” which is sometimes neglected, is very important in the lives of working couples in the state of California. It indicates an individual’s legal residency as well as their relationship status as they are marital, single, divorced, or widowed status. Unfortunately, many workers experience the termination of happiness at work as a result of discrimination based on marital status. Equal opportunities for employment and the welfare of working couples are put at risk by this discrimination, which also breaches employee rights, civil rights, and workplace discrimination laws. The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) has taken care of employment discrimination for several reasons involving, age, gender, marriage status and more. At Socal Employment, we will also help you recognise your civil rights. 

Good and bad facts of marital status or familial status discrimination.

Marital status discrimination in California has both good and bad facts. The good fact is that marital status is indeed considered a protected class under employment discrimination laws. This means employees cannot be discriminated against based on their marital status, offering them legal protections. In the state, the civil rights code – gov § 1292 prevents married workers from being terminated because of their marital status. 

Conversely, the negative information is depressing. Discrimination can take many different forms, such as unfair compensation, selective recruiting practices, and the development of toxic work environments. Equal job opportunities are violated by these injustices, which emphasizes the necessity for awareness-raising and action against workplace discrimination.

3 Myths of unlawful discrimination of a married worker in CA

  • Myth 1: Married employees receive preferential treatment
    Reality: Contrary to this myth, marital status discrimination does not always lead to preferential treatment. Discrimination can work in various ways, including negative biases or unwarranted stereotypes that affect a married worker’s career progression.
  • Myth 2: Discrimination based on marital status is uncommon
    Reality: Marital status discrimination is more common than many believe. It often goes unnoticed, but it can significantly impact an employee’s job opportunities, compensation, and overall work environment.
  • Myth 3: Marital status discrimination only affects married individuals
    Reality: Marital status discrimination does not exclusively affect married individuals. Single, divorced, or widowed employees can also experience discrimination. The law protects all employees from such unfair treatment.

At Socal Employment we help you understand all your legal options for marital status in California.

We are here to help you comprehend your legal options when facing marital status discrimination in California. Socal Employment’s dedicated services ensure you are well-informed about discrimination laws, civil rights violations, and employee rights. We provide expert guidance to navigate the complex employment law landscape, empowering you to challenge any unlawful discrimination you may encounter in the workplace. By understanding your legal protections, you can take action to promote a fair and inclusive work environment that upholds equal employment opportunity.


In California, workplace marital status discrimination is a pressing issue that affects the happiness and well-being of working couples. Understanding the truth about this form of discrimination, along with recognizing marital status as a protected class, is essential. By dispelling common myths and knowing your legal options, you can work towards a fair and inclusive workplace that upholds civil rights and equal employment opportunity. Take action today to ensure a brighter, more equitable future for all employees in California by consulting with the expert attorneys at Socal Employment. At Southern California Employment Law Group PC, we are committed to promoting inclusivity and advocating for the rights of individuals facing Marital Status Discrimination. Contact us at (424) 688-1057.

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