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Complete Guide On California Employer Unpaid Wages Lawsuit In CA

Sue your Employer for Unpaid Wages: A Legal Guide in CA | Socal Employment Law

Firms in California that are in charge of managing projects involving the public are required to adhere to the state’s prevailing wage rule. The legislation forces firms to offer their workers an equivalent hourly pay for the duties that they are contractually bound to do. If your employer failed payments to you for the work executed in California, you may be entitled to bring a lawsuit for an unpaid wages claim. Any gains or funds that you earned but that your employer ignored you for are considered unpaid wages.

File a wage claim with the Employment Commissioner or speak with an employment lawyer about pursuing an unpaid wages lawsuit are covered under your legal liberties if you think you are the victim of pay theft. You have three years from the alleged violation to file a claim or two years if you verbally agreed to pay more than the minimum wage.

When submitting a claim for unpaid wages, victims are more interested in learning about the desired claim amount claim settlement payment. Do you know the monetary limit on your wage claim lawsuit?

Federal and state labor regulations mandate firms to pay an adequate wage and overtime incentives to workers. The minimum wage in California is significantly greater than the national average, and it is much higher in certain counties and within the state. In certain circumstances, firms may be liable to reimburse the higher local rate. Based on how many extra hours were worked, the amount of compensation may vary. California’s current minimum hourly wage for all enterprises is $15.50.

A few typical instances of unpaid wages for which you can file a lawsuit:

  1. You were not paid for all of the hours you worked as an employee.
  1. The employee does not receive any overtime pay.
  1. The employee is not receiving owed commissions.
  1. 4. The employer unlawfully withdrew money from the employee’s salary.
  1. When an employee files for disability, the employer withholds a portion of his or her wages.

Why is it necessary to seek an expert attorney’s help when suing an employer for unpaid wages?

You do not have to engage an attorney unless you want to claim unpaid wages. Nevertheless, the claims in California are complicated; and you might have greater odds of success if you are represented by an authorized attorney to initiate an unpaid wages lawsuit. For your unpaid wages claim lawsuit in California, you should consult with a leading law firm such as ours. Your complaint may be valid, and our attorney can help you estimate the potential value of the unpaid wages you are eligible for.


The majority of states impose their unique wage and hour regulations, as well as time constraints for bringing wage claims. The time limits may differ based on the type of wage infraction committed by your employer. If you are due unpaid pages, you must speak with an employment attorney. A lawyer from Socal Employment Law at (424) 688-1057 can discover all of the wage regulations that your employer has broken, some of which you may be unaware of. We will assist you in filing a wage claim or arguing your unpaid wages lawsuit in court to guarantee the integrity of your state and federal law claims remain intact and that you receive a fair judgment.

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