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Legal Laws Against Familial and Marital Status Discrimination | Southern California Employment Law Group PC

A form of discrimination known as familial status discrimination is prohibited by federal law, more specifically the Fair Housing Act. Housing discrimination against adults or families with minor children is prohibited by this law. In other words, it is illegal for property owners, realtors, and housing providers to refuse to rent or sell homes, impose strict terms or restrictions, or exclude families with children from housing possibilities. Family status is a class that is protected by federal law in California, to guarantee every couple that has children obtain a comparable right to housing devoid of discrimination or exclusion caused by the ethnic background of their family. This law encourages equitable housing standards and protects families with children from discrimination.

Many married couples in California are concerned about whether marital status is a protected class or whether there are any laws preventing married couples from working together to avoid marital status discrimination. You must be informed about it if you are also interested in finding out the truth about this.

A person’s marital status, which may include anything from unmarried to married, divorced, separated, or widowed, is termed as their marital status. It is an attribute of personality that is frequently applied in many contexts, such as occupation, housing, welfare, etc.

Federal law does not forbid married couples from working together, and many choose to do so in a range of jobs and businesses. To minimize conflicts of interest, nepotism, or other issues, businesses occasionally establish policies or guidelines for the safeguarding of the couples working with them. Such policies should be applied consistently and without bias against protected characteristics like gender.

What’s disclosed in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act for familial status protection in California? Here’s a short explanation.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 principally prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, or national origin. Title VII makes no mention of familial status. The Fair Work and Housing Act (FEHA) forbids discrimination based on familial status, which includes defending individuals from unjust treatment in employment and housing simply because they are parents or other caretakers of children under the age of 18. This California state legislation protects against familial status discrimination in a variety of circumstances, ensuring equitable opportunity for families with children.

How the attorneys at our law firm will help you fight legally against family discrimination in the workplace?

Our skilled attorneys are committed to assisting you in combating workplace family discrimination. We’ll begin by thoroughly researching your case, gathering information, and evaluating its merits. We’ll then plan how to construct a good legal argument. If necessary, we can negotiate with your employer or submit a formal complaint to the proper authorities. We will provide experienced counsel throughout the process, ensuring your rights are safeguarded and pushing for fair treatment. Our goal is to get a fair resolution, whether via negotiation, mediation, or lawsuit, to assist you in obtaining the justice you deserve in the face of workplace family discrimination.


If you have experienced workplace family discrimination, our committed attorneys are available to offer you qualified legal counsel and help. We’ll fight for your rights, pursue justice, and guarantee that you’re treated fairly and equally. Our top concerns are your safety and protection against discrimination. Take action today by contacting Southern California Employment Law Group for a confidential consultation, and let us assist you in navigating the legal process to get a favorable resolution in your case. Your battle against family discrimination begins here. Contact us today at (424) 688-1057.

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