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How to Handle Disability Discrimination in the workplace

Disability Discrimination | Socal Employment Lawyer

It is depressing to know that disabilities discrimination still occurs in the workplace in today’s inclusive culture. When people with disabilities experience unfair treatment, bias, or prejudice purely because of their handicap, this constitutes a kind of discrimination. Such discriminatory actions may negatively affect the affected people as well as the workplace as a whole. In this blog article, we will define disability employment discrimination, offer solutions for resolving such issues, and describe how our Los Angeles employment discrimination attorneys can assist in addressing the issue.

What is disability discrimination in the workplace?

Discrimination in employment towards disabled employees or job seekers is known as disability discrimination. This form of unfair treatment may express itself in an abundance of techniques, encompassing hiring processes, job assignments, promotions, pay variations, and even firing. Unfair treatment at the workplace against disabled people breaches their legal rights and security measures, which are outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other employment-related legislation.

How to handle discrimination in the workplace?

  1. Incidental records: Keep detailed records of all incidences of prejudice, including dates, times, locations, parties involved, and event descriptions. If you decide to register a complaint or take legal action, this record will be useful as supporting evidence.
  1. File a discrimination complaint: Inform any designated authority within your company, your immediate supervisor, the human resources department, or any occurrences of discrimination. Normally, businesses are required to look into such claims and take proper action.
  1. Seek legal counsel: To understand your rights, determine the strength of your case, and explore your legal choices, speak with an employment discrimination attorney with experience.

What are the 3 examples of disability discrimination at work?

  1. Refusing to provide reasonable accommodations:
    When a firm refuses to make fair adjustments, such as changes to the worksite or changes to employment criteria, to enable a person with a disability to execute their job correctly, this is considered as employment disability discrimination.
  1. Inequality
    Disability discrimination is the action of treating disabled employees unfairly in terms of job assignments, promotions, and training chances.
  1. Intimidation
    Discrimination and harassment against people with disabilities occur when they are subjected to hurtful remarks, rude jokes, or hostile working conditions.

How our law firm will help you in solving disability employment discrimination cases

Our Los Angeles pay discrimination attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of anyone who has faced workplace discrimination disability. We have vast expertise dealing with harassment and discrimination based on disability. Our attorneys will give you a tailored solution, evaluate the potency of your case, speak on your behalf, and seek relevant penalties to guarantee that justice arrives.


Discrimination against disabled in the workplace is an awful truth that has a negative effect on their job progression and general health. People can confront and combat such discrimination by being aware of its nature, documenting incidents, reporting discrimination, and seeking legal help. Our Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyers are prepared to assist you at every stage of the technique and will fight tenaciously to safeguard your rights and end workplace handicap discrimination. Remember that no one should endure handicap discrimination and that by teaming up, we can create a more inclusive and equal workplace. keep in mind to Call our Southern California Employment Law Group PC at (424) 688-1057 to get help of our lawyer.

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