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Los Angeles Wage & Hour Violations Lawyers: Guard Your Rights

Wage & Hour Violations Lawyers in Los Angeles | Socal employment Lawyer

Employees should be paid properly and in full for the work they do.  Different California and federal rules protect workers in different ways when it comes to wage and hours.

Many employers break these rules, sometimes because they don’t know about them, but usually because they want to make more money.  Too often, companies try to save money by taking advantage of their workers and taking short cuts.

Common violations of wage and hour laws.

Common Violations Of Wage And Hour Laws

There are many ways a company can break wage and hour laws, but here are some of the most common:

  • Not paying workers a minimum wage or the average wage in their area
  • Not paying extra or double time when it is due
  • Not paying for all the time spent on the job, like being on call or getting ready
  • Classifying a worker as excused when they are not
  • Mislabeling a worker as a self-employed person
  • Not giving workers the commissions or bonuses they have made or have been promised.
  • Not giving workers back for some work-related costs
  • Having workers work through their breaks and not pay them for it.
  • Requiring workers to work “off the clock”
  • California law also says that an employer can’t punish an employee for asking about unpaid salary or filing a report about an employer breaking wage and hour laws.

Employers are required to pay nonexempt workers for all hours worked

In California, hours worked encompass more than the time a worker spends performing routine duties during their regular shift.  Moreover, an employer may be required to compensate workers for their labor on any of the following:

  • Waiting Time And On-call Time – An employee who is required to remain on the employer’s premises is typically considered to be working and must be compensated for all hours, even if the employee is merely on-call or waiting for something to happen.  in certain situations, employees may also be entitled to payment for waiting time spent off-site.
  • Training Period – Nonexempt employees in the state of California must be compensated for any time spent in training.  Volunteer events that take place outside of ordinary working hours and have no bearing on the employee’s employment are the only types of trainings, meetings, or similar activities that are not compensable.
  • Time for Preparation – Time spent by an employee outside of working hours may be compensable if it is necessary for the employee to don protective clothing or set up machinery prior to beginning their shift.
  • Travelling Period – While an employer is not required to pay for an employee’s time spent travelling to and from the employee’s usual place of employment, they may be required to do so if the employee is going to a different location on the employer’s behalf.

Getting you the pay you deserve for all your hard work

If so, visit or call Southern California Employment Law Group PC so that our Los Angeles wage and hour violation lawyer can help you understand this area of the law and get all the pay you are owed for your trouble. Call our office today at (424) 688-1057 to set up a free appointment with a skilled Los Angeles wage and hour violations lawyer.

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